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eXtensible Blockchain Object Model

The eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM) is a Decentralized GlobalOS designed to take advantage of the decentralized nature of Blockchain. XBOM’s foundational architecture is the same used in today’s leading Operating Systems, Windows and MacOS X. The invention is a forward leap for blockchain, just as the introduction of Windows was as a replacement for MS-DOS.

XBOM creates a Single Instance, Global Class Tree which allows for development of more advanced applications for business and consumer beyond what current Smart Contract Platforms can efficiently handle. XBOM allows a more secure environment for end users as all state and data of all transactions are intrinsic in the individuals account on the blockchain. YOU own it, YOU control access to it.

XBOM on Hyperledger

Hyperledger Foundation, part of Linux foundation, manages Hyperledger communities, including the Fabric project, an open source distributed/replicated database project. It is a permissioned environment that is used by Oracle, IBM and others as the primary technology in their respective Blockchain Platforms.

The advantages which were immediately apparent:

Ability to load code dynamically without having to restart the Hyperledger Fabric Chain

Enablement of Many to Many supply chain relationships – allowing suppliers with multiple OEM’s/Manufacturers requiring proprietary supply chain environments to use the same backend across all, significantly reducing operation costs to the lower tier companies.